December 6, 2018
Mold Removal: When To Call A Pro
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Mold Removal: When To Call A Pro

Mold growth is a common yet serious problem among homeowners. It is one of those situations that have to be addressed immediately and adequately to prevent any more damage.

However, while some cases are small enough for a DIY removal process, there are instances when it is best left to the professionals. Inadequate mold removal may only lead to complications and a worsening of the problem.

The Dangers of Mold Infestation

Mold is not only unsanitary and unpleasant to look at; it also poses harmful effects on your health and home. As mold is a type of fungus that travels through the air and starts growing once it comes into contact with any damp surface, it can easily take root and spread – often unseen. Though it may seem inconsequential at first, mold infestation has the potential to weaken structural foundations, ruin paints and walls, and contribute to the physical deterioration of the property.

Worse than the possible damage that mold can inflict on the structure and components of the home are the dangers it poses to health. Breathing in the mold may result in allergic reactions that tend to irritate skin or cause breathing difficulties. Moreover, there are toxic kinds of mold (black mold) that may have adverse neurological effects when inhaled.

Spotting Mold Damage

Most mold problems, whether in a residential or commercial structure, occur in the wake of situations involving water – leaks, flooding, etc. – that seeped through and took time to dry up. It does not, however, take catastrophic water-related events to trigger mold growth. There is also a high tendency for mold to develop in areas of the house that are prone to moisture buildups like the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, and the attic. These are the best places to start the mold removal process.

The easiest and fastest method of detecting mold growth is with the senses.  The first telling signs of mold presence are the apparent smelly odor that it exudes and the detection of fungus and mildew in the room. Other times, however, finding visible evidence would entail the help of professional mold remediation and mitigation companies.

Enlisting Professional Mold Removal Services

Many homeowners prefer to deal with their mold problems on their own. But while the pursuit has been made more convenient with the available DIY mold removal kits and tutorials on the Internet, it is not recommended for areas more than ten square feet or when the mold is observed in porous surfaces such as dry walls and carpets.

Other times, you may feel like you’ve effectively eradicated the mold present in your home but the musty smell persists. This is another tell-tale sign that molds have grown in places where you can’t see them. If this is the case, you should also consider onboarding expert hands.

Extensive mold removal demands caution and careful execution as mold spores spread out quickly and flourish where there is even the slightest trace of moisture. Remedying the crisis alone can worsen the problem or cause more trouble for you in the long run.

The Benefits of Calling Professional Services

1. Free mold inspection

The majority of mold removal companies offer free inspection services before and after the process. Before the removal – for a thorough reading of the mold levels in your home, and after the expulsion – to evaluate how effective the method has been.

This is a more practical approach than spending money for mold testing, which only serves to analyze what kinds of mold are present without addressing the situation. Suffice it to say that no matter what the test reveals, all types of mold need to go – not just the toxic ones.

2.  Assessment of the extent and nature of the damage

As experts in their field, they have the ability to locate the sources of moisture, which causes mold to thrive, and accurately gauge the magnitude of the problem. They perform necessary and proper cleanup procedures that will not only solve the problem but also prevent it from coming back.

3. Professional equipment

One of the most significant reasons why you should consider calling a professional mold removal company is for their state-of-the-art equipment. While you can bleach and scrub some mold growths, it takes more than a brush to resolve the problem for good. These companies have the tools needed to identify and handle even the faintest traces of mold.

4. Specialized skills and experience

Mold removal experts have years of training and experience under their belt. They will be able to identify the types of mold correctly they’re dealing with and apply the most suitable approaches to tackling them.

You can expect the pros to not only fix the issues at a surface level but also resolve underlying causes to avoid recurrence. Also, they offer a range of other services. These may include disposing and restoring items, getting rid of dry rot, and deodorizing the property, so it smells, looks, and feels like new.


Published: December 6, 2018
Author: iMold
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