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Structural Drying In Florida

Southwest Florida’s Most Trusted Water Leak Detection Experts

iMold has mastered the proven techniques for structural drying in Florida.

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Whether you’re faced with water damage or flooding in your home or commercial property, iMold is ready with equipment, procedures and experienced certified technicians. Following a rapid analysis to identify and contain the water damage source and secure your property and furnishings, we rapidly begin the drying process to restore building structures and personal property to it´s pre-loss state.

iMold understands structural drying and knows that the combination of rapid response, the right processes and correct tools will ensure that secondary damage will be prevented. iMold’s structural drying is performed by one of our water damage certified technicians.

Our specialized team has extensive training and experience in the proper handling of all types of water damage situations.

Facts About Structural Drying

Structural Drying Prior to Remediation, Repairs and Renovation

Importance of Structural Drying

This type of drying is essential for restoring your property to its condition prior its pre-water damage condition. Without proper drying, the integrity of affected building materials is compromised.

Moisture also produces water stains and odors, and serves as a breeding ground for toxic mold and bacteria – posing a huge health risk to your family and pets.

The Structural Drying Process

The process begins after a careful analysis that identifies all areas and structures affected by water damage.

High tech infrared imaging equipment allows us to readily detect pre-treatment damage along ceilings, drywall, moldings, and flooring as well as behind cabinets and other concealed regions within the interior and exterior of your property.

The same infrared imaging allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the drying process. Drying is accomplished through strategic use of high powered fans and commercial grade dehumidification equipment.

What to Expect During Structural Drying

Accurate and Detailed Documentation

  • Moisture readings
  • Digital and infrared images
  • A complete written progress report of actions implemented
  • Planning for restoration after drying and mold remediation if needed

Your Personal Home Items

Besides structural drying, we do everything possible to safeguard your personal and business belongings. This involves drying out your affected personal items to prevent and minimize permanent damage.

Many times we are successful in completely returning your personal possessions to their original condition. We know how stressful and costly it can be when families and businesses suffer losses and are displaced during the water damage repair and restoration process.

You can depend on iMold to get your job done effectively, efficiently and as quickly as possible. Throughout the entire process, our experts are ready to assist you 24 hours a day EVERY day.

Handling Your Insurance Claim

When your water damage repairs and restoration is covered by insurance, we work directly with your insurance company. Our insurance expertise allows us to work in your behalf to get you the maximum claim benefit.

Covered expenses generally include water damage repairs, mold remediation, remodeling, and alternate living costs when you must be displaced. Working directly with your insurance company, we take this burden off you.

This gives you the freedom to focus on your day-to-day needs and activities without unnecessary stress and worry.