Silica Dust Abatement

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Silica Dust Abatement In Florida

Silica Dust Abatement for Residential & Commercial Properties

The expert professionals at iMold will precisely test and completely remove harmful silica dust from your home or business. Silica dust abatement is necessary to prevent potential health hazards after cutting, grinding, or drilling materials like sand, concrete, brick, stone, and mortar. You can trust iMold for your silica dust removal in Southwest, FL. We provide silica dust removal services for both residential and commercial facilities.

Construction work often causes silica dust to form and become airborne. Silica dust contains microscopic particles that can cause severe health conditions if inhaled. Exposure to silica dust can lead to lung cancer, Silicosis, and other lung diseases. Trusting silica dust removal experts is critical to remove silica dust from your residence or commercial building effectively. The professional team at iMold knows how to test and remove silica dust from your facility.


Where You Might Find Silica Dust

Silica dust can appear in a variety of construction and manufacturing workplaces, plus homes and offices completing construction projects. Understanding where you might find silica dust is the first step to knowing if silica dust removal is necessary. Here are times you may have silica dust in your home, office, or facility and might need silica dust abatement services..

● Home/Office renovations

● Demolition

● Cutting stone countertops, tile, or cement

● Masonry projects

There could be more circumstances beyond this list that create silica dust. Typically, silica dust can become airborne whenever stone, concrete, brick, and mortar are crushed, drilled, cut, or ground. Therefore, work projects that contain these tasks and materials might lead to silica dust.

Why You Need Silica Dust Abatement

Managing and removing silica dust has been more prominent in recent years. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) now regulates silica dust exposure in workplaces to limit the dangerous health outcomes caused by silica. It’s critical to establish preventative measures to prevent silica dust exposure, but professional silica dust abatement is also crucial to avoid extended exposure in that home or facility.

It is often not enough to remove silica dust yourself with cleaning products. Silica dust is a microscopic mineral that can be 100 times smaller than regular sand. Because of this, it’s almost impossible to see and remove entirely without the right equipment. Using a certified expert for your silica dust removal will ensure it’s entirely removed from your residence or commercial space.

If you’re wondering if your residential or commercial facility needs silica dust removal, contact iMold today to schedule a test. From there, we will recommend the best plan to ensure your home or office is safe to live and work in.

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Potential Risks of Not Removing Silica Dust

It’s no secret that silica dust is not safe to inhale. Because of the microscopic size of silica dust, you may not even be aware you are exposed. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the potential risks of not removing silica dust after your residence or commercial space has a project that creates this mineral.

The most significant risk for not completing silica dust abatement is serious health conditions. OSHA and the CDC state that exposure to silica dust increases the risk for lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lung disease called Silicosis, and kidney disease. You can avoid any potential exposure risk by removing silica dust from your facility during and after the projects that create silica dust.

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iMold Serves Residential and Commercial Silica Dust Removal in Southwest, FL

The iMold team has a proven track record for identifying and removing harmful substances from homes and businesses in Southwest Florida. Trust the experts at iMold to effectively remove silica dust from residential homes and commercial facilities. Silica dust abatement is critical to ensure the safety of family members and workers when projects include cutting, grinding, or drilling of sand, concrete, brick, mortar, or stone.

Don’t waste any time if you suspect silica dust in your residential home or commercial facility. Contact iMold today for silica dust removal in Southwest Florida.