Upholstery Cleaning In Florida

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Upholstery Cleaning In Florida

Upholstery Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning that Protects One of Your Biggest Investments

Do you know that a single cleaning process will not work for every type of upholstered furniture? Materials and manufacturing methods for furniture vary widely.

The wrong cleaning agents and methods can fade colors and weaken the structure of the material. Leather furniture needs special care. Use of the wrong products can cause leather to breakdown, leaving it dry and cracked.

Getting good cleaning results and preserving the integrity of the material demands the proper cleaning technique for every type of fabric. 

This is precisely what you can expect from iMold´s professional furniture and upholstery cleaning Florida services. From the most delicate fabrics to leather, our technicians are specially trained in the care of all types of upholstered furniture.

When it comes to leather furniture cleaning, we safely and effectively make your leather look new again, removing body oils, perspiration, skin acids and other soils that penetrate the leather over time.

Besides selecting the proper upholstery cleaning solution for your furniture, iMold technicians will carefully and completely clean every surface of your furniture including folds and crevices. And to resist new stains and soiling, we routinely apply a stain guard protectant agent.

Drapery Cleaning In Florida

Drapery Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Just like professional dry cleaning keeps your clothing looking fresh and bright, this type of cleaning restores and preserves the color, radiance and texture of your window coverings.

From home interiors to commercial buildings, our specialized team is top notch in keeping your draperies looking pristine and like new.

Is the health of your family suffering because of allergies to dust mites and mold?

Besides restoring the brightness and freshness of your window coverings, drapery dry cleaning helps to control dust mites and stops allergens and mold from forming.

Our special dry cleaning service for draperies is hassle-free. 

With the utmost care, our skilled technicians remove and rehang your home and office window coverings – any type and anywhere they are installed. We handle all types of window coverings, from the most basic to fine, ornate, and delicate materials. Our service is unconditionally guaranteed.