January 3, 2022
Why You Need Silica Dust Removal From Your Facility
silica dust removal

Why You Need Silica Dust Removal From Your Facility

We all know of the dangers of mold in our homes and facilities. However, there is another harmful substance you may not have heard of that can find itself in your residence and commercial facility under certain circumstances. Silica dust is a dangerous mineral that causes serious health risks when exposed. Therefore, silica dust removal is necessary for the health and safety of the people in your facility. Let’s dive into what silica dust is, why it’s dangerous, and why you need to remove it from your facility.


What is Silica Dust?

If you’ve never heard of silica dust, you aren’t alone. Silica dust is a microscopic mineral that can become airborne with cutting, grinding, and drilling materials like sand, brick, concrete, mortar, and sand. Therefore, the most significant risk of silica dust comes from activities like renovations, demolition, and masonry projects. 


Despite the large mess these projects usually leave, silica dust isn’t something you can see. Silica dust is actually about 100 times smaller than the sand you would find at the beach! That’s why it’s important to know the projects that can lead to silica dust in your facility. Now that you have a more clear understanding of what silica dust is, we can discuss the dangers and solutions for silica dust.


Health Risks with Silica Dust

If you inhale silica dust, you’re actually inhaling microscopic bits of concrete, sand, brick, or mortar. This is very dangerous for your lungs and your body, and just a tiny amount could cause severe health complications. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identified risks associated with silica dust exposure. Exposure to silica dust increases your risk for lung cancer, Silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and kidney disease.


People who work with these construction materials on a daily basis indeed see the most risk. Still, since you may not know you were exposed to silica dust because of its tiny size, it’s critical to understand the potential health risks associated with silica dust. The good news is, there is much more awareness about silica dust danger these days and a priority for silica dust removal. This means removal procedures help you keep your facility safe from silica dust.


Growing Awareness of Silica Dust Danger

Silica dust has been around for a while, but the awareness of its dangers is increasing. In 2019, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updated its regulations to limit the amount of silica dust workers further can be exposed to. The OSHA regulations also require businesses to provide more protection, testing, and training for workers exposed to silica dust. The CDC also has resources about silica dust danger and exposure assessments.


The increased awareness and precautions the CDC and OSHA make will help reduce the health risks associated with silica dust exposure. Preventative measures are important to reduce silica dust exposure, but silica dust removal is critical to remove the risk of exposure altogether. Removing silica dust from your facility will give you peace of mind that your staff and customers are safe from silica dust exposure.


Silica Dust Removal

You’ve seen why silica dust removal is so crucial because of the serious health concerns for those exposed. So, how does the silica dust removal process work? First, you may find DIY tips online for removing silica dust from your home or office facility, but it’s best to leave it to professionals. iMold uses the proper removal equipment to completely remove silica dust from your facility. Our certified experts are trained on the process for removing silica dust, so you can rest assured it is entirely removed from your building. Without professional equipment, it’s truly impossible to remove silica dust completely!


Even if you are unsure if your facility has silica dust, it’s best to be safe and contact us at iMold if there has been recent cutting, grinding, or drilling. We can then take the next steps for removing silica dust from your facility efficiently so you can get back to work safely. Contact our silica dust expert team today if you have any questions about our silica dust removal process or need to schedule silica dust removal at your facility.



If your office or facility was recently under construction, you just completed a renovation, or your facility consistently works with materials that lead to silica dust, it’s vital that you have silica dust removed from your facility. Using a professional team to remove silica dust from your facility thoroughly will keep your staff and guests safe from ingesting this harmful substance. iMold is here to provide expert silica dust abatement for your facility in Southwest Florida. Contact us today for silica dust removal that’s safe and effective!


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Published: January 3, 2022
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