Mold Remediation Services

Did you know that in as little as 48-72 hours after a water damage or high humidity event, your home or commercial property can become infested with toxic mold?

The key to reducing the spread of mold and minimizing mold removal costs is a rapid and appropriate response by state certified and experienced mold remediation specialists.

Mold remediation in Fort Myers & Naples FL, is a process that begins by initiating an emergency contact to a qualified company providing water damage and mold removal services.

When you contact iMold, the initial inspection and estimate are free. When mold is present, we recommend a qualified 3rd party mold inspection and testing company to verify the need for mold remediation services in Naples & Fort Myers, FL.

When remediation is needed, we work with your insurance company to fix the problem and restore your property as quickly as possible. At iMold, we turn your disaster into an experience where you feel extremely satisfied, respected and supported during every step of the process.

molds in walls - mold remediation services

Facts About Mold and Mold Remediation Services in Fort Myers & Naples FL

Social and Economic Consequences of a Mold Problem

  • Evacuation is a standard practice when mold is detected in schools, government offices and commercial buildings.
  • The number of lawsuits by tenants suing property managers for injuries related to mold exposure has skyrocketed.
  • There are many more mold related insurance claims.
  • When mold is present at a job site, local building inspectors are requiring builders to provide mold remediation before issuing building permits.
  • Mold significantly decreases property value and makes selling difficult.
  • Exposure to toxic mold contributes to substantial healthcare costs and time missed from work and school.

Determining If You Have a Mold Problem

If you see mold or detect an odor that could be mold, it is important to determine that a mold problem exists. Unlike most mold remediation companies, we rely on definitive mold testing by an impartial and highly qualified 3rd party environmental testing company. Based on their inspection and testing analysis, we provide an honest and ethical mold remediation proposal when mold contamination is present. The goal of mold remediation services in Naples & Fort Myers, FL is to stop the growth and spread of mold, remove the mold and restore your property through repairs, professional cleaning, odor removal, and renovations.

Mold Remediation FAQs

How do you know if you have a mold problem?

Visible greenish brown, brown or black mold on interior building surfaces and personal items is an obvious sign of a mold problem.

A damp, musty odor often associated with mold, is another highly suggestive sign.

When a water or high humidity event has occurred and is not immediately addressed by experts in water damage repair, mold is almost always an inevitable consequence.

What to do and not do when you suspect mold

Safety is the main consideration when there is a mold problem. Immediately remove people and pets from affected areas. Do not handle or attempt to clean up the mold.

Avoid disturbing the mold or spraying it with disinfectants or bleach. Turn off heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as these will disperse mold spores into other locations.

Contact iMold immediately for a free inspection and estimate.

What are the health risks of mold?

Mold can produce serious allergic symptoms and worsen asthma. People and pets with respiratory problems, children and the elderly are more at risk from mold exposure.

Commonly associated symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, eye irritation, nose and throat irritation, and headaches.

What is black mold?

Black mold is a toxic mold that is associated with allergens, irritants, and worsening asthma.

Regardless of the color, only a qualified mold remediation professionals can determine if you have black mold or another type.

Any mold in your living areas should be treated with caution, evaluated, and tested by a certified mold inspection company.

When is mold remediation needed?

Mold becomes dangerous when it multiples into colonies from a substantial or persistent source of moisture – a roof leak, plumbing leak, flood, or high humidity event can rapidly produce a serious mold problem.

Mold remediation is a process that addresses and eliminates the source, prevents mold from spreading, decontaminates affected building structures and personal property, removes the mold, and restores the property to its pre-loss condition.

Is mold remediation covered by insurance?

When your water damage or mold remediation service is covered by insurance, we work directly with your insurance company. Our insurance expertise allows us to work on your behalf to get you the maximum claim benefit.

Covered expenses generally include water damage repairs, mold removal, remodeling, and alternate living costs when you must be displaced.

Working directly with your insurance company, we take this burden off of you. This gives you the freedom to focus on your day-to-day needs and activities without unnecessary stress and worry.

What is iMold's Mold Remediation Process?
  1. Provide a free inspection and estimate.
  2. Determine the source and location of the mold.
  3. Arrange for unbiased 3rd party mold inspection and testing.
  4. Contain the mold.
  5. Remove mold and mold-infested materials.
  6. Clean contaminated contents and personal items.
  7. Repair and restore your property to its pre-loss condition