February 28, 2020
Sump Pumps, Water Damage, And Mold
sump pump water damage and mold growth

Sump Pumps, Water Damage, And Mold


What should Southwest Florida homeowner know concerning sump pumps, water damage, and mold? Crawl spaces and lower areas of homes are at a higher risk of flooding and mold growth. This is due to increased moisture levels and higher water table. A sump pump is often used in combatting flooding and water damage in the home. But, it can contribute to water and mold damage as well. Proper maintenance of your sump pump is vital to keeping your home water and mold-free.

Sump pump cover

A cover will help stop water in the pit from vaporizing and releasing back into the house or crawl space. When the water evaporates it can spread moisture through the crawl space or house. The humidity can combine with the moisture from the sump pump and create the perfect place for mold to grow.

Mold requires moisture to grow. If your sump pump doesn’t drain after the pump stops pumping the evaporation will breed mold. Mold within the crawl space or lower level of a home can spread rapidly. Depending on the species and severity, the mold can cause irreparable structural damage. I can also cause serious health effects on residents.

Sump pump failure

Should your sump pump fail, serious mold growth and water damage are inevitable. In Southwest Florida, the water table is higher than in other areas of the country. With a rainy season or a tropical storm often on the horizon, flooding is a risk to home and business owners. When flooding occurs, water damage to flooring, walls, and the foundation are likely. Any water trapped within the structures of the house can cause extensive mold growth. The growth may occur at a rapid rate due to the humidity levels we experience here in Southwest Florida.

Regular sump pump maintenance and use of a cover are vital ways to ensure water and mold damage are minimal. Should the pump fail and water damage occur, iMold has you covered. Our certified technicians are all you will need to resolve your problem with ease.

Water Damage

Our team arrives quickly following any water damage event to start the clean-up. With specialized equipment on hand, we’ll restore your home to its former glory and fast. While the process unfolds, we explain everything to our clients along the way. Should you have any questions, please feel free to speak with the technicians at any time! Once we complete the water damage remediation, the next steps will be to treat any areas for mold growth. Mold growth stages will depend on the length of time that the water has been present. Our certified mold technicians treat each area as needed at the appropriate time.

If you face a water damage event outside of our office hours we have 24/7 emergency lines for times such as these. Our team will act as soon as possible to help you in your time of need! We understand these situations are never planned and hope to make the solution a breeze for you. If the water damage was the result of a failed sump pump, we recommend you have an experienced plumber check it out. We would recommend this to ensure the safety of you and your home in the future.

We Love Our Community!

We love our clients and we love for our clients to stay as informed as possible when it comes to mold. From water damage to mold removal and mold remediation, we love taking care of our community! iMold is often found educating the community at seminars and events. We also love to keep our community informed via social media. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Published: February 28, 2020
Author: iMold
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