October 5, 2020
Protect Against Fall Mold Allergies
Protect against fall mold allergies

Protect Against Fall Mold Allergies

It is that time of year again when everyone starts to get the sniffles. This year, we want to help you protect yourself against mold allergies. Regardless of where you live, you may begin to see more people feeling under the weather for different reasons. For us in Southwest Florida, it isn’t from temperatures dropping into the ’50s and ’40s, but it could be for a myriad of other reasons. As everyone is starting to be around people more, germs are starting to circulate. But this also means we are going into more places such as other homes or commercial buildings. We may start to feel headaches, sneezing, or cold symptoms on a regular basis. Why? Did you know that fall may bring mold allergies that cause you to feel sick?
Most of us know what normal allergies feel like, but if you are traveling or attempting to get out of the house a bit more, you may notice these symptoms increase.

Avoid Getting Sick

There are the usual tips that you can take to avoid getting sick.
Wash your hands
Eat a Balanced Diet
Make sure to take your vitamins!

But what is going to help you when fall mold allergies are the culprit? Here are some tips that you can use to avoid getting sick this fall!

Fall Cleaning

Yes, we all make sure to clear out the house in the springtime, but we need to do the same in the fall! Get up into your attic, under sinks, and into cabinetry. Take a look around and do some deep cleaning. This is the time to not only make sure that your house is clean but also to look for mold that could be hiding. If you sense that there could be any mold in your home, this is when you may find the spores. If you find nothing but are still convinced, it’s time to get that mold test done!

Keep an Eye on Humidity

We all know that in Southwest Florida, humidity does not disappear. Even on the nicest days, you may notice that you have moments of humidity. The same thing is the case for inside your home. There are several areas in your home where mold loves to grow and live. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for mold and need checking often. It can grow under the sink, in the toilet, and even in the toilet tank.

Avoid Mold from Outside

You may wonder, how does one protect themselves from the outside? But the key is being aware of the mold. A lot of us do traveling in the fall to go up north and see all the beautiful colors and experience the apple orchards and all things fall. what we don’t always think about is what is going on in nature during this time. Wet leaves, tree branches, wooded areas all can harbor mold during this time. It is extra important to watch where you go and to shower/wash up after you outside in these areas.

Clothing Checks

As soon as October hits, we run to the other closet and grab our favorite sweaters, jackets, and boots; in case it drops below 80, we have to be ready! Remember, these clothes got put away for months at a time. Although you have not worn them, it does not mean that they are clean and in good condition. When you grab these clothes out to wear here or to take on a trip, do a full clothing check. If they got put away in an area with humidity, that is plenty of time to have started growing mold on them. This also goes for all those who love to decorate in their home for seasons. As you go in the garage or attic to grab your decorations, make sure to look at what you are touching and what you are bringing into your home. These are all things that could have started growing mold and you are placing them around your house.

As you can see, mold has the potential to grow inside of your home, outside of your home, and on your personal belongings. Although it is not ideal or fun to have to look everything over, you will be glad you did. If you start to feel extra allergies this fall, ask yourself what has changed. Are you in a different environment? Have certain plants begun to spring up around your house? Have you looked over all your fall clothes and decorations to make sure that they were not harboring mold? There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure you avoid getting sick from fall mold allergies this season! Do your best to stay healthy and enjoy this beautiful Southwest Florida season ahead.

Published: October 5, 2020
Author: iMold Author
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