May 12, 2020
Painting Over Mold – Should You Do It?
mold growing in a water damaged room

Painting Over Mold – Is it a good idea?

Even though painting over mold may seem like a good idea, it isn’t. Those tiny green and black spots on the wall are bothersome, to say the least. Whether it’s on the home you have lived in for a while or a new home you bought- never paint over it! Although this is a tempting action to take, it can worsen the problem. As humans, we naturally see a problem and want to fix the problem. There is a proper way to fix this problem, and painting is just not the answer. We know your next question would be about the type of paint you wanted to you- Kilz. And while this paint advertises to fix this issue, it will not. Let us explain to you why.

What’s The Problem?

Think of the paint as a band-aid. When you see the mold, the route of the issue is usually a much larger issue than you see. Painting over this visible mold is like placing a band-aid on a gaping open wound. It won’t address the route of the problem, and you end up worse than where you started. Instead, it takes professional action to eliminate it at its source.


What Is Mold?

To begin, let’s discuss what mold is. Mold is fungi, a living organism. These organisms thrive in moist, warm climates, making Southwestern Florida a hot spot!
Unbeknownst to most mold can grow in many household structures. Even newly built homes are susceptible to mold. Some home foundations use concrete, without proper drying time, mold quickly takes hold. In the humid climate of Florida, the risk of mold growth in new and old homes is significant. During the rainy season, many garages leak and mold stays in the humidity of the garage, causing fast mold growth. When this growth occurs, spread to other areas becomes easy. Growth on garage walls spread to the structures of the home, which provide nutrients. Spores that are loose in the air of the garage can attach to clothing or shoes. You then physically take these spores to your home or car. The spread becomes rapid. Suddenly a small garage leak has caused a household mold problem.

Who Does Mold Affect

Mold is infamous for causing a plethora of unwanted illnesses. A healthy person can still have a mold-related disease due to spore sensitivity. The mold spores are how the fungi breed and spread. People who are most susceptible to health risks from mold are those with lower immune responses. The top contenders are:
· Infants and children
· The elderly
· Immunocompromised individuals
· Individuals with chronic lung disease
In small amounts, mold is easily forgotten once you attempt to clean it. However, when the growth of colonies is present, trouble starts. When the spores touch the skin or enter the lungs, serious health risks can begin.
Mold can cause flare-ups for skin conditions such as eczema. It is notorious for triggering diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Anyone with allergies, especially to mold, can also suffer from exposure to these fungi. In even healthy adults, mold can cause an immense amount of health-related issues. From sneezing to cognitive dysfunction, the vast spectrum of illnesses seems endless.
· Coughing
· Sneezing
· Itchy, red skin
· Itchy, red eyes
· Memory Loss
· Nasal Congestion
· Skin Rashes
· Wheezing
· Shortness Of Breath
· Chest Tightness
There are many risk factors that contribute to the symptoms you can experience. If you feel that you or someone in your household is ill from mold exposure, it’s time for action. But painting the mold is never the answer.

The Effects Of Painting Over Mold

When you paint over your moldy surfaces, you will see a temporary clean wall. Mold is a living organism that is thriving within the nutrients your house provides. A moldy wall means the fungi are drawing nutrients from the drywall or wooden structures of the home. Your wall is already painted, and the mold is breeding. Painting again won’t stop it. It will merely delay it from showing through for a short time.

Kilz And Similar Brands

Painting over moldy surfaces will not kill mold. Although, there is an entire industry of paint devoted to making you think it will. Brands such as Kilz and similar products market themselves as “fungicidal protective coating.” To the regular consumer, this sounds as if it will kill the mold encroaching on your home. However, this product will only assist in the prevention of mold growth.
When you paint with this type of product, the fungi growth will eat through it. The paint will not prohibit active mold growth from spreading and wreaking havoc. If you want to change the look of your home, but mold is in your way, it’s time to call iMold.

Mold Removal

Be sure that total mold removal is not your next DIY project. Mold is a fungus that spreads with spores. These spores thrive in any warm, moist climate, like those here in Southwest Florida. As long as nutrients, such as housing material, are present, the mold will continue to breed and grow. Attempting to remove the mold yourself may contribute to the spread of spores. These spores become airborne and thrive within your entire house, including air vents.
When hiring a mold professional, understand how we take measures in the process to keep you safe. We will evaluate the area thoroughly, in search of route problems, and hidden growths. Once we assess your home, we can set up a mold removal and remediation plan. This plan will consist of barricading the area to trap airborne spores. We also use ventilation to eliminate the spread of any airborne spores in the barricade.
Our team of professional technicians holds certifications within the field. We understand the Southwestern Florida climate and how it affects mold growth. We begin deep within your home structures. This process ensures the inner house is clear of mold, so your outer home looks pristine!
Instead of throwing away money and time by painting over mold, call iMold! Our offices are open and ready to answer your calls. For more information about our services or promotions, follow us on social media! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
Published: May 12, 2020
Author: iMold
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