December 9, 2019
Impress Your Holiday Guests
Professional Cleaning Services by iMold in Fort Myers

Impress Your Holiday Guests

The holiday season ushers in parties and festivities with family and friends, yet the furniture still has quite the stains- call iMold! Whether you’re hosting a party or getting the house ready for Christmas morning, we are here to help your furniture look its best. Upholstery cleaning should be done routinely as skin cells, body oils, and pet dander build up over time. Although most furniture comes with stain protectant at the time of purchase, this protectant wears off, which leaves stains free to bury deep in the fabric.

We believe in the upkeep of your upholstery’s integrity. Versatile cleaning methods structured toward different materials is the key for upholstery cleaning success. No two materials are the same and thus require different methods of cleaning.


At iMold, we understand the importance of precision with upholstery cleaning. Each furniture piece is uniquely designed with its own manufactured materials and should be treated uniquely as well. Upon arrival, our technicians will inspect all upholstery needing cleaned. The experience and knowledge-based judgment of our technicians ensure the proper cleaning technique for each piece. You can rest assured that all upholstery will receive the most effective method of cleaning.

With a thorough cleaning of surfaces, crevices, and fabric folds, your upholstery will look and smell brand new again! iMold includes a routine application of stain protectant after each cleaning. This application protects your fabrics from allowing fresh spills and stains from penetrating the protection layer and staining the fabric.


Most cleaning products on the market are not suitable for leather cleaning. Body oils, perspiration, pet oils, and other substances break down the leather. With a lack of routine leather maintenance or use of incorrect cleaning materials, they may degrade the leather finish causing dryness and cracking. iMold’s leather treatment techniques are safe for all leather.


In addition to upholsteries, iMold professionally treats your drapes as well. Creating the freshest home atmosphere for the holiday season has never been easier!

With the Florida sun beating on our windows, keeping our draperies looking pristine can be a hard task. Drapery cleaning works similarly to dry cleaning.  iMold’s drapery cleaning service helps restore and preserve the color, radiance, and texture of your window treatments.

While restoring the bright color and freshness of your draperies are the primary goal, assisting in the health of your family also plays a part. Drapes tends to collect dust mites, allergens, and mold throughout the day. However, these household décor items are rarely included in a routine household cleaning. Professional drapery cleaning removes these sufferings to control dust mites and stop mold and dust allergens from forming on the surface.

Our drapery service is hassle-free for the customer. We won’t ask you to remove any of your window treatments before or during the appointment. Our skilled technicians will remove these for you, apply skilled care, and rehang them for you. Truly a no-hassle service. Regardless of the window covering fabric, you can have peace of mind as our technicians are proficient in all conditions. From the most basic cotton to the most ornate and delicate materials, we attach an unconditional guarantee to our service.

Allow iMold to help you create the freshest looking home for the holidays. As guests traffic in and out of your home this season, you will have peace of mind knowing your upholstery and drapery are free of allergens, stains, and body odor. Usher in your multitude of guests and compliments this holiday season! Call soon to set up an appointment; they are booking fast!

Published: December 9, 2019
Author: iMold Author
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