February 6, 2023
Debunking 7 Mold Myths & What to Do Instead
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Debunking 7 Mold Myths & What to Do Instead


Mold can be a confusing topic for most people. On the one hand, we all know that mold actually exists everywhere. But, on the other hand, mold can grow to be a dangerous problem in your home or business and calls for professional removal. So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s true and false about mold, check out these seven mold myths and tips for how to proceed instead.


Myth 1. You can test for mold and remove it on your own

You might see at-home mold test kits or DIY mold removal tips in a store or online. These are big red flags for mold testing and removal! Despite what the marketing states, it’s a myth that you can accurately test for mold on your own and remove it efficiently without professional help. 


First and foremost, there are health concerns with DIY mold testing or treating mold without professionals. For example, interacting with mold can spread it further, making your mold problem worse. Lastly, many “mold killers” only treat the surface, but it doesn’t actually remove the mold at its source. Instead, trust any mold testing and mold removal to the experts!


Myth 2. Only certain types of mold are dangerous

There are indeed different mold types, and some are considered toxic, but don’t believe the myth that only toxic mold is dangerous! The CDC recommends removing all mold because of health concerns for those exposed to mold. This is especially true for high-risk individuals with chronic health conditions and young children. 


If you find or suspect any type of mold in your home, it’s important to hire professionals to test and remove it as soon as possible. Without mold experts inspecting the property first, you’ll never know how severe your mold problem is or what type of mold exists in your business.


Myth 3. You only have mold if it’s visible

Another big misconception about mold is that it’s only there if it’s visible. Let’s debunk this myth! Mold is certainly visible in many common places around the home, like basements or bathrooms, but serious mold growth often hides where you can’t see it, like insulation and drywall.


The good news is if you find mold in your home, it’s a good clue there may be mold under the surface, which means it’s time to call a mold testing company!


Myth 4. Only large amounts of mold need remediation

Let’s build off that last point. If you find small amounts of mold, it may be tempting just to let it go or push off eliminating it for a while. However, as we just learned, visible mold is often a clue that there is more mold growth under the surface. Mold can multiply and may turn into a giant (and expensive) problem before you realize it. You can remedy this problem by taking care of mold, no matter the amount, as soon as you suspect it.


Myth 5. Mold only appears after a leak

In Florida, we’re blessed with year-round warm weather, but this also means very hot and humid summer months. Humidity is the ideal environment for mold to grow. Therefore, mold can appear anywhere there is excessive humidity or lack of ventilation and temperature control. So, yes, you should definitely keep an eye out for mold after a leak, but that’s not the only time mold appears in homes or businesses.


Myth 6. Bleach is a great method for mold removal

For those DIY-ers out there, don’t believe bleach can clean completely clean mold! Bleach may remove mold from the surface, but it does not entirely remove it. This is especially true if you find mold on a porous surface! Mold is notorious for growing under porous surfaces where you cannot see it. Additionally, it’s best for your own health and your family’s health not to interact with the mold yourself. You run the risk of spreading it further.


Myth 7. Mold doesn’t return after professional removal

So you have the mold removed by a professional mold removal company. You’re good now, right? Yes and no. Yes, you can trust mold experts to find the source of the mold and use the appropriate tools to remove it from your property. However, if you don’t make the necessary repairs or changes that caused the mold in the first place, mold can undoubtedly return after it’s removed. 

Examples of this include:

  • Fixing that bathroom leak
  • Using a dehumidifier in areas of the home with high humidity
  • Ensuring every room of your business has proper ventilation

When you’re intentional about preventing mold after removal (or before there’s ever a problem) will help you in the long run!


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Published: February 6, 2023
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