January 20, 2020
The Dangers of DIY Mold Removal in Fort Myers
Why Removing Mold Yourself is Dangerous by iMold in Fort Myers

The Dangers of DIY Mold Removal in Fort Myers

DIY mold removal in Fort Myers is a dangerous choice. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects are common these days. We see DIY projects that span from home improvement, arts and crafts, and even to mold removal. It’s easy to understand the desire to try projects yourself. Yet, mold removal projects need an expert in the field. At iMold, your health and safety are our top priority. DIY articles online usually offer instructions on removing mold without an expert’s guidance. But, these sites omit the danger involved. Many homeowners try to remove mold themselves only to realize that they need an expert. By then, the mold spores are airborne and settled into new areas. There are many hidden dangers with mold removal in Fort Myers. Let’s take a look at a few of those dangers here below.

Danger #1: Lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Almost any “dirty job” requires workers to wear PPE or personal protective equipment. There are laws in place that force certain professionals to use PPE. Mold experts are one of those professions required by law to use it. Mycotoxins and mold spores often become disturbed and airborne during mold removal. The spores are easily inhaled, ingested, or irritate exposed skin. Skin rashes, itchy skin and eyes, and sinus issues are only a few of the potential health risks caused by mold. Toxic molds cause all types of illnesses and may even cause bleeding from the lungs. Serious health risks may occur without the use of PPE. You don’t want to be ill-equipped when attempting mold removal in Fort Myers.

iMold Uses PPE

Our professional mold technicians know how to prevent cross-contamination. With iMold’s knowledge in mold removal, further spreading of mold is never a problem. Our technicians always use PPE as well as custom-fit respirators. Our technicians execute proper use of PPE wear. Most importantly, PPE prevents cross-contamination and inhalation of mold during this process. Local hardware stores sell paint suits and dust masks. Still, these suits aren’t able to withstand hazards such as toxic mold.

Danger #2: Lack of Special Equipment

It takes special equipment to remove mold and mold spores. Most DIY people buy cleaners from a local department store and attempt to scrub the mold away. This DIY technique fails to secure the house and fails to protect your home from the spread of mold spores. Trying to wash the mold with cleaner or bleach releases spores into the air. It’s easy to inhale and spread mold through the rest of the house by using this DIY technique. Ventilation and filtration devices are vital pieces of equipment used in mold removal. At iMold, we create a negative pressure work area. The negative pressure sends the mold spores right out of your home.

Danger #3: Unexpected Troubleshooting

Mold removal in Fort Myers Florida is often a difficult task depending on the severity and fungal species. Many Do-It-Yourself mold removers tend to work until they reach a point of no return. That’s when they realize that they need a professional’s help. Mold removal is not so “black and white.” There are plenty of potential surprises along the way. Our certified iMold team understands mold removal. Not only do we have the equipment needed for the job, but we have the knowledge to troubleshoot.
iMold is Fort Myers’ leading mold removal company. With years of expertise under our belts, we guarantee our work. Therefore, no matter how severe the mold or water damage is, our clients always receive the highest quality of care. Before picking up a scrub brush and bleach, call or contact us at iMold. Our team works hard to ensure your safety, as well as theirs. Safety is always our top priority during the mold removal and remediation process. To view pictures of jobs that we have done in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida, check us out on Facebook!
Published: January 20, 2020
Author: iMold Author
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