March 31, 2020
Coronavirus Quarantine: Is Your Home Safe?
coronavirus quarantine

Coronavirus Quarantine: Is Your Home Safe?

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading throughout the globe. And many Floridians are finding themselves self-quarantined to stay healthy.  However, depending on the quality of your indoor air, this could be causing more harm than good. Do you know what your family is breathing in as you try and stay healthy during this unprecedented event?

Mold and HVAC Units

In Southwestern Florida, such as Bonita Springs and Naples, the HVAC units are at risk for mold growth. The condensation that the HVAC units produce causes a moist area in a warm climate. This environment is the perfect habitat for mold to grow and breed. When mold grows within the HVAC unit this begins on the coils located within the machine. Without prompt and complete treatment, the mold can spread to the household vents. If you are unsure if your HVAC unit is harboring mold, consider a professional inspection.

When mold is present in an HVAC system the mold spores will spread throughout the home via the vents. As you breathe, the mold spores will travel into your lungs, along with unwanted side effects.

Common side effects of mold exposure include, but are not limited to:

  • Sneezing
  • Headaches
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia

In severe cases, there have been seizures and severe cognitive function impairment. In other cases, individuals have shown reports of hair loss and skin irritations.

At first glance of this list, you may notice a familiarity appearing. The majority of “minor” mold exposure side effects are identical to coronavirus symptoms. If you have decided to keep your family at a social distance at home, and symptoms occur, how will you know the cause? Be proactive and receive a mold inspection. If mold is positive, complete mold remediation will eliminate the confusion of symptoms.

Other Air Contaminants

If mold is present in your Naples or Southwestern Floridian air vents, chances are you have more. The dust that you seem to clean constantly consists of dead skin cells, pollen, and dust mites. Some samples of dust can also contain burnt meteorite pieces, hairs, and mineral soil. Before any dust can land on your furniture, it begins in the air of your home. This contaminated air is what your family breathes in every day. Full of allergens, causing an array of health problems, a savvy homeowner would get a cleaning.

iMold: Your Choice For Total Home Remediation

Why not spend this time ensuring the absolute health of your home and family?

Your air quality is essential now more than ever. iMold specializes in mold remediation as well as air duct cleaning services. Our trained and certified technicians will ensure that your family is in the best hands.

The first step to gaining control of your home air quality is contacting iMold to set up an appointment. Contact us via our website contact form, or by phone, whatever is easiest for you!

A technician will then come to your home at the scheduled time to examine the areas of concern. Our technicians have undergone training and will perform detailed and professional remediation practices. The technicians will explain any findings and the proper process to remove any mold.

iMold Removal and Remediation Services

At iMold, we understand that your health and safety are always the top priority. With the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, your health is more important now than ever. By choosing to check your home for mold and clean your air ducts, you are choosing health for your family!

You may be curious about what these services entail, and we want to take the time to ease your worries. Mold removal can be a very painless process depending on the amount of mold found. Should you have a mild amount in your home or in your air ducts, the removal process is pretty minute.

The technicians will look in and around your home. They will begin with areas commonly associated with mold growth, such as bathrooms. Options will be available if mold presents itself in quantities larger than predicted. While the mold is being removed, the team will seal and ventilate the area to ensure mold spores do not spread. The process should be painless on the homeowner and bring a noticeable change in health.

If your air ducts or HVAC unit present with mold growth, it is within your best interest to inspect the whole home. When the mold spores are growing on your air system, those spores are traveling through your home. Every room, vent, and register are now affected by the spores and causing spores to attach to surfaces. When the mold spores travel this way, they are contaminating your respiratory system. Breathing these spores will exacerbate allergies, causing any one of the listed symptoms.

iMold Air Duct Cleaning Services

If your vent grates show constant dust, the chances of household illness are higher. As mentioned previously, the dust of your home consists of dead skin cells and allergens. These contaminants alone can cause respiratory and immune responses in your body. The immune response begins to amplify when mold accompanies the dust and allergens.

iMold technicians have undergone training for specialized HVAC cleaning. While some companies simply “blow and go,” leaving you with a mess to clean and no information, iMold does not. Our team will take the time to explain the process so you can rest easy about your air quality.

Once the cleaning of the air ducts is complete, you may decide to do a full professional cleaning of your home. iMold is your one-stop-shop for cleanliness during this Covid-19 scare! Ask our team about upholstery, carpet, and tile cleaning! Why wait any longer when everyone is taking the time now to deep clean away the contaminants? Remove mildew, mold, dust mites, allergens, and more with all our cleaning services!

Contact our office today through our contact page or call our office at 239-208-6572. Speak to our knowledgeable staff in regards to any of our services and to set an appointment. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest iMold news and deals!

Published: March 31, 2020
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