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Tile & Grout Cleaning In Florida

Tile & Grout Cleaning for Residential & Commercial Properties

Grout and Tile Cleaning Services by iMold restore discolored and stained tile, stone and other hard surfaces to new.

Even when clean, the appearance of tile, stone and other hard surfaces is largely determined by the condition of the grout.

Discoloration and staining of grout from dirt, grease, food and cleaners penetrates the surface where it is impossible to clean through ordinary methods. Costly replacement is the usual solution to restore hard surfaces and grout to their new condition,once they have reached this state.

Fortunately now there is a way to restore floors, showers and countertops in a single visit.

Through a proprietary cleaning system, iMold technicians gently but safely remove layer upon layer of stains, mineral deposits, bacteria and dirt that compromise brightness and cleanliness of tile and grout.

Whether part of a water damage disaster restoration, mold remediation or general maintenance, you can depend on iMold for tile and grout cleaning with amazing results. Our cleaning services are unconditionally guaranteed.