November 1, 2021
Carpet Mold Remediation
carpet mold remediation

Carpet Mold Remediation

If there’s a spot in the house where you’d hate to spill something, it is the room with the carpet flooring. These are already carrying dust particles, past drinks or food that were dropped, dirt from our shoes, and the list goes on. To that list, we do not want to add a mold situation. For such to grow, mold needs a good source of elements that include moisture, nutrients, oxygen, and certainly, a surface. Even if there’s no obvious appearance of mold in your carpet, its growth can be active and soon you will start feeling uncomfortable allergy symptoms which tend to be a negative result of its presence. 

What Are The Chances?

If your carpet is located in an area where it is usually dark and damp – like a basement – there’s probably a good chance mold could be growing within. Other areas of the home where spillage could have occurred can also provide perfect conditions for mold to breed. Water damage is typically the most common factor that attracts mold growth due to the carpet not being dried or aired almost immediately. This can even apply to not only carpets that are attached all over the room, but also decorative carpets that have a rigid and thick material. 

Avoiding a Moldy Carpet

Once you have successfully identified the mold living amongst your home and that it is indeed coming from your carpet, remediation should instantly follow. There are a few things residents can do to prevent mold from becoming an issue. 

  • Proper cleaning: when cleaning around the home, carpets need as much care and detailing as the flooring from other areas. If you have had a mold problem in the past, then become familiar with how your local mold remediation experts can help keep the cleaning consistent and give your carpet proper maintenance. Make sure that if you use methods of your own, keep the areas as dry as possible and deprive mold of any growing nutrients.
  • Humidity levels: it is always recommended to maintain humidity levels at home anywhere below 50%. This can help by eliminating the water spores floating around in the air from ever becoming mold starters once they reach your carpet. 
  • Choose the room carefully: when installing carpet, choose the location by thinking ahead. Try to not install carpet flooring in rooms such as the bathroom, basement, attic, lanai, and/or kitchen. These areas are prone to easy water damage and do not receive proper ventilation. 

Eliminating The Problem

There are different stages of mold growth where the carpet can either be salvaged or simply require replacement overall. Usually, small growth areas are the most appropriate for remediation. If taking matters into your own hands, you may start with the use of water and detergent as a cleaning agent. If planning on using something a little stronger than detergent, make sure it is tested in a small space in case it damages the color or texture of the carpet. You should be able to know the results of this chemical test after a day has passed. After using the cleaning solutions, follow up with a steam-clean machine to seal the deal. 

Other home remedies that have proven useful involve baking soda paired with vinegar. These two ingredients can be great at eliminating moldy odors and stripping away the growth that had already begun. Again, if you are not sure about how these will react with your carpet material, make sure to test it in a small area first. 

After cleaning, dehumidifiers and fans can help dry the treated area faster. 

If cleaning does not return positive results, you could also try cutting out the moldy section of the carpet. If the pattern is not an issue, then take advantage of the solid color carpet and simply replace that section with a new fresh piece. 

If you find yourself frustrated with the process, iMold is prepared with the correct personnel and high-quality tools that will for sure remediate mold in any area of your home. We offer a free inspection and a wide variety of services that include cleaning your carpets. Let us take care of the hard work with the time efficiency, cleanliness, and professionalism you deserve.

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Published: November 1, 2021
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