September 23, 2019
4 Common Causes of Water Damage
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4 Common Causes of Water Damage

Whether in your home or your business, water damage can be catastrophic and expensive. Replacing technology, keepsakes, flooring and more can be devastating to a budget and a time-consuming chore. Knowledge of the common causes of water damage can assist you in preventing the unexpected, and equip you with the insight needed should you find yourself in this unwanted scenario.

1. Roofing

There are several ways in which a roof can contribute to water damage. Examining where on the building the damage is located will help decipher the origin of the leak. Faulty shingles, water and wind penetrating the strapping or flashing, or incorrect roof materials are just some of the many roofing complications that lead to water damage. In southwest Florida wind and rain from storm damage can be a factor in roof and ceiling water damage. Getting an expert out to inspect your roof, and proactively making necessary updates to your roofing can help in preventing a disaster down the road.

2. Appliances

Florida’s hot climate requires the daily use of HVAC systems (air conditioning units), which are commonly known to leak. Other appliances that utilize water such as pool filters and heaters, water heater units, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines are all common culprits when water damage is present. Proper routine maintenance of these appliances can help eliminate the potential of water damage from occurring.

3. Natural Disasters

As previously mentioned, the wind and rain in Florida storms can cause issues with water on a property. Severe thunderstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes and flash flooding are all cause for concern in Florida. Keeping your gutters clear, obtaining a risk assessment of your property and adding flood insurance can help with any financial burdens should a tragedy occur.

4. Pipes

Most commonly, plumbing causes water damage. Any water pipe or drain, including gutters, in and around your property have the potential to burst or leak. Knowing the material of your building’s pipes, and the year in which the plumbing was constructed, can help with routine maintenance to ensure plumbing is still up to code and minimize risks of damage. Inspecting plumbing areas for cracks, bulges, stains or standing water will help predict if an issue is beginning in these areas. While other elements can contribute to water damage in a home or office building, this basic list can provide you a stepping stone on your journey to a preventative environment. Water damage can create the perfect environment for mold to breed. You want to eliminate the damage in its entirety from the first sign to ensure water and mold damage does not get out of hand. iMold is available with certified technicians to help remedy any water damage present in your southwest Florida home or office building, inspect for any mold growth, and help secure your property from future incidents.

Published: September 23, 2019
Author: iMold Author
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