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Microshield Mold Protection

Finally A “Proactive” Approach to Eliminating Mold in New Homes

Whether you are buying a home or building a home “Frame Stage Mold” is a question that needs to be answered Microshield Environmental Services is your answer. Microshield Environmental Services is dedicated to providing our Builders with the highest level of professional Indoor Air Quality Services available. 

At Microshield, we are committed to ensuring the homes our Builders deliver to meet the highest standard of indoor Air Quality for their valued Homebuyers.

Your Proactive IAQ Builder begins his New Home Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program with MicroShield ES Certified Mold Free Building Material, Mold Pretreatment.Mold can grow anywhere conditions are conducive. And your home’s structure is particularly vulnerable during the frame stage of construction.

Now you can stop mold growth and protect your new home by applying MicroShield’s 2 Step Anti-Microbial, Mold Pretreatment to your home’s completed structure prior to drywall.  Microshield ES uses a 2 Step Mold Pretreatment System to Clean, Disinfect, and Protect the Home. Both mold pretreatment steps are safe, approved, and non-corrosive.

The 1st Mold Pretreatment Step Destroys Microorganisms upon contact, Safely Cleaning and Disinfecting the Home.

The 2nd Mold Pretreatment Step Encapsulates the Structure with a permeable anti-microbial that prevents airborne microorganisms from regenerating while providing the Builder and Homebuyer a 20 Warranty.