Mold Removal Services

The consequences of failing to properly eliminate a mold problem are enormous. Serious health risks to people and pets range from allergies to respiratory symptoms, irritation and worsening asthma.

Any delay in properly containing a mold problem can result in the rapid growth and spread of the mold to other areas of your home or workplace. This means more damage at much higher costs – an outcome that can be avoided by calling the right mold removal professionals right away.

Mold Inspection & Testing

Whether you see mold or not, when you contact us for a mold or a water damage concern, we provide you with a free mold inspection in Fort Myers, FL We know that the growth of mold is a natural and predictable consequence of high humidity and moisture.

Water Damage Repair

When you need water damage repair in Fort Myers, FL, you need an immediate response from a company certified and experienced in handling water damage emergencies.

A rapid water damage repair response can save you time, money and heartache. For families, this may mean saving a lifetime of irreplaceable personal documents, family photos, and collectibles from ruin.

Water Leak Detection

Whether you have a water leak in your Fort Myers home or business property, it is essential to accurately and rapidly detect the source of the leak as well as structural problems from water damage.

An undetected concealed water leak can produce hundreds of dollars in damages even while repairs are underway.

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