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Air Duct Cleaning In Florida

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AC and Duct Cleaning Services by iMold for Improving Air Quality and Better Health

Unlike furniture and floors that are in plain view and are easily cleaned, your air conditioning duct system is only accessible through specialized duct cleaning equipment.

Studies prove that the air that circulates through this system is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Disposable filters help but only remove 10% of the pollutants that circulate through the AC system – this means that the remaining 90% are circulating dust, pollen, mold spores and animal dander throughout your home.

Such pollutants pose health risks to children, the elderly, and people and pets with respiratory problems. Pollutants can also be a food source for bacteria and mold which proliferate in an AC environment where darkness, moisture and humidity are present. The result is the distribution of mold spores and toxins by the AC system and a highly polluted indoor environment.

Indoor air pollution is a problem that occurs in all homes and commercial buildings, even during new home construction and with any water damage repairs and mold remediation project. Duct cleaning lasts for 3-7 years provided there is proper AC maintenance.

Specialized AC and duct cleaning technicians at iMold provide AC maintenance and duct cleaning that effectively remove all pollutants from your AC system. Contact us to find out more about our AC and air duct cleaning Florida services.

iMold offers cleaning services throughout Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte.

Call 239-208-6572 and let us show you what we can do to improve the health of your living space at home and at work.

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