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Bonita Springs Mold Removal and Inspection

Bonita Springs #1 Choice for mold removal!

iMold’s certified Bonita Springs mold removal and inspection experts will accurately detect if there is a mold problem present, determine and eliminate its cause, contain it, and restore the property to it’s the best condition in your residence or workplace. You can trust iMold to remove all mold and we back that with our unconditional guarantee. In as little as 48-72 hours after water damage or high humidity event, toxic mold can run rampant in at your residence or workplace.

The main solution to stopping the spread of mold and decreasing mold removal costs it to combat it with a rapid and absolute response to the experts who know how to take care of the situation. Mold remediation is a process that begins by starting consulting with emergency contact with a certified company providing water damage and mold removal services.

Initial Inspections and estimates are always free. When mold is present, we recommend a trusted 3rd party mold inspection and testing company to come on-site and verify if mold remediation is required in Bonita Springs FL. When remediation is needed, we will diligently work with your insurance company to find the solution to your problem and restore your property as quickly as possible.

At iMold, one of our main priorities is to turn the disaster that is happening in your life into a feeling of extreme satisfaction. We want you to feel respected and supported throughout every step of the process
The repercussions of not properly eliminating a mold problem are disastrous.

Serious Health risks to individuals, including children and pets ranging from allergies to respiratory symptoms, irritation, and worsening asthma. Delays in containing a mold problem will result in rapid growth and spread of the mold to other parts of the home or workplace. This will lead to even more damage at much higher costs- an outcome that can all be avoided by calling to right mold professionals right away.


Our Trusted 3rd Party Mold Inspectors

Radon & Mold Professionals has performed over 23,000 radon tests and over 9,000 mold assessments (Inspections) with thousands of mold tests (sampling) since 1999.

All of our Florida Licensed mold Assessors (MRSA #2, MRSA #5, MRSA #33, MRSA #763) are also ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalists.

Mold inspections from iMold document mold, the source of where the mold originates, and the extent of mold contamination. The inspection also includes recommendations for cleanip based on nationally accepted industry standards, much as S-520 and S-500.


Radon & Mold Professionals (RMP) certifications are board-awarded by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQC) :



I did not love finding mold in my home, but we definitely found the right team to get rid of it. The iMold experience was professional, pleasant, very thorough and CLEAN. Everyone was easy to talk to and we had immediate responses to any questions we had. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Jennifer Staesser

Signs you may have mold

Here are telltale warnings that you have a mold issue in your home or office space.

  • A mildew odor
  • Damp areas in the house
  • Closets and cabinets have mildew or moldy smell
  • Colored growth on walls, ceilings or surfaces
  • Discoloration under kitchen or bathroom sink
  • Discoloration around registration vents or the air handler
  • Discoloration in the tub or shower (especially in the grout between tiles)
  • Sudden onset of allergies or respiratory problems
  • Watermarks on the ceiling from potential roof leaks
  • Higher than normal humidity in the interior of the home or building
  • Exterior discoloration on stucco or block walls
  • Your property has suffered some degree of water damage



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    Whether you’re standing knee-deep in water or you just mopped up the mess from a broken hot water heater, your water damage is a ticking time bomb for the growth of toxic mold. The moisture you left behind can result in irreversible structural damage.

    Within 48-72 hours, it can produce a serious mold problem that can compromise your health and lead to staggering costs when it rapidly grows and spreads throughout your home. Your water damage event, small or large, needs immediate attention from a licensed, certified and experienced water damage and mold remediation.


    Fortunately, you can rely on iMold for all of your water damage, mold inspection, mold remediation and restoration needs for your home and commercial properties.

    iMold will respond 24/7 in 30 minutes or less to your emergency. The inspection and estimate are free and without any obligation. So put your mop down and pick up the phone right now. Or contact iMold through our convenient form below.


    We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly.

    Don’t become a victim of mold or water damage. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate.