Exterior Painting Spring TX

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Exterior Painting Spring TX

The exterior painting of your home is super important, especially if you want to sell the house in the future. With over ten years serving thousands of clients under our belt, Stephen’s Painting & Gutters can handle any exterior paint job. We offer both commercial and residential exterior painting in Spring, TX.

What colors should I choose for my property’s exterior?

The color palette you choose depends on the property and its structural style. If it’s a commercial building, your exterior is quite essential as you want to present a professional appearance to your customers. Even if it’s a residential building, you want an attractive color for your exteriors. You want it to present a stylish, modern look to your guests or potential homebuyers in the future.

If you are uncertain about the style of your exteriors or which colors to choose, do not worry, as we also offer color consulting services to help you out. The colors will depend on the materials and structural design of your house.

Another critical distinction between interior and exterior painting is that when you choose paints for your exteriors, you have to consider things like durability and ability to withstand the elements. If the area you live experiences harsh precipitation, you will need to choose a more robust paint. If you need help with exterior painting in Spring, TX, contact our company, and we will discuss what we can offer you.

Matching the color palette to the structural design of your home

The build style and materials of your exterior significantly affect the colors that suit your exteriors. If you have a Victorian home, the idea is to contrast elegant neutral colors with bold, deep colors such as dark browns or burgundy. If you have an English cottage-style house, choose primary colors like light blue or grey and contrast them with black or white outlines.

Do you have a Georgian-style home? Similar to the English cottage, you choose light earthy colors like greys, dull blues, browns and contrast them with white outlines around the doors and windows. If you opt for a farmhouse-style exterior, go for the signature black shutters and neutral main colors.

Want a stylish, Mediterranean exterior? Go for the pastel colors like deep blues and bright yellows and contrast them with white, which is characteristic of Mediterranean homes.

What can you do to maintain the exterior paint of your home?

Painting your exteriors is quite expensive and time-consuming, so you want the paint jobs to be as durable as possible. This is why choosing a contractor who knows the best quality paint types is important.

You should also ensure that your trees or bushes are far away from your walls and won’t scrape the paint. Keep sprinklers and water away from the walls, as excess water can deteriorate the paint.

Are you looking for a painting contractor for your exterior painting in Spring, TX? Stephen’s Painting & Gutters has many years of experience serving both residential and commercial clients.

Exterior Painting Spring TX

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Exterior Painting Spring TX

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