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Microshield Mold Pretreatment

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Now Is The Time To Prevent Mold And Save Money

The best time to deal with a mold problem is before that mold problem has a chance to occur! Pretreatment for mold can save you tremendous amounts of time and money, while completely avoiding any aggravation all together. That’s why iMold is proud to offer Microshield Mold Pretreatment service for all of our clients on new construction and remodeling projects throughout Southwest Florida.

Four Easy Steps To Microshield Your Property

With A 20 Year Warranty from iMold! – “An added layer of protection.”

At a standard price of only .50 cents per square foot under roof, backed by a 20-year warranty against structural mold and mildew, Microshield and iMold are the combination that every home owner, landlord and tenant will want to remember. Saving our clients time and money is great, but what makes this one of our most highly recommended services is the fact that it is proactive, and that means we can completely avoid the headaches mold can cause rather than trying to remediate them after they already exist. The time to treat mold is right now… before it has any chance to ruin your residence!

Moisture evaluation with infrared cameras

Moisture Evaluation with infrared cameras allows iMold professional service technicians to establish baseline readings for proper installation of Microshield.

Spot HEPA Sanding Treatment

Spot HEPA Sanding Treatment is part of the prep work included in our service to ensure that the Microshield coating is properly applied and effective.

Fog with Microban antimicrobial solution

Microban Antimicrobial Fog is applied as the single most effective solution to mold and other health hazards caused by damp or humid conditions.

Apply patented permeable encapsulant

The fully patented permeable encapsulate used with Microshield has the strength and safety record sufficient to make a 20-year Warranty possible. With Microshield you get peace of mind that lasts decades!

iMold Service Technicians Have Proper Training, Experience, and Equipment to Permanently Remove Odors and Purify Your Living Space

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