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Mold Remediation Based on Unbiased Home Mold Inspection From Qualified 3rd Party Environmental Mold Testing Company

If you are concerned about a possible mold problem, iMold will provide you with a free home mold inspection. Mold growth is a natural and predictable consequence of high humidity and moisture – conditions that often result from a water leak from your roof or plumbing.

At iMold, we want our proposal for mold remediation to be based on an honest and ethical analysis. If we suspect a mold problem during your free home mold inspection, we want the final determination of a mold problem to be based on unbiased mold testing by Florida licensed and ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE). These trusted 3rd party professional companies have specialized training by top credentialing associations for environmental testing. The companies we recommend are certified and highly experienced with the knowledge and equipment to properly analyze and document losses related to mold and water damage. When a mold problem is present in your residential or commercial property, we confidently provide you with a mold remediation proposal based on an accurate and impartial home mold inspection and testing analysis.

Trusted 3rd Party Mold Testing Companies

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Radon & Mold Professionals (RMP) certifications are board-awarded by the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQC)

Radon & Mold Professionals

rmp Radon & Mold Professionals has performed over 23,000 radon tests and over 9,000 mold assessments (inspections) with thousands of mold tests (sampling) since 1999. All of our Florida Licensed Mold Assessors (MRSA #2 , MRSA #5, MRSA #33, MRSA #763) are also ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalists. Our mold inspection reports document visible mold, source and extent of mold contamination, also include recommendations for cleanup based on nationally accepted industry standards such as S-520 and S-500. Inspections include use of infrared cameras, moisture meters, temperature and humidity / air sampling equipment.

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Handling Your Insurance Claim

When your water damage and/or home mold inspection with mold remediation service is covered by insurance, we work directly with your insurance company. Our insurance expertise allows us to work in your behalf to get you the maximum claim benefit. Covered expenses generally include water damage repairs, mold removal, remodeling and alternate living costs when you must be displaced. Working directly with your insurance company, we take this burden off of you. This gives you freedom to focus on your day-to-day needs and activities without unnecessary stress and worry.

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