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Water Damage in Fort Myers to Mold Remediation with Quality Restoration, iMold can Help 24/7!

Whether you´re standing knee-deep in water or you just mopped up the mess from a broken hot water heater, your water damage is a ticking time bomb for the growth of toxic mold. The moisture you left behind can result in irreversible structural damage. Within 48-72 hours, it can produce a serious mold problem that can compromise your health and lead to staggering costs when it rapidly grows and spreads throughout your home.Your water damage event, small or large, needs immediate attention from a licensed, certified and experienced water damage and mold remediation professional.
Fortunately, you can rely on iMold for all of your water damage, mold inspection, mold remediation and restoration needs for your home and commercial properties. iMold will respond 24/7 in 30 minutes or less to your emergency. The inspection and estimate are free and without any obligation. So put your mop down and pick up the phone right now. Or contact iMold through our convenient form below.

Water Damage

water thermal
At iMold, we use high tech thermal imaging to detect moisture and water damage in and around ceilings, drywall, moldings, flooring, and other interior structures. We rapidly contain the damage to building structures and your personal property and use powerful dehumidifcation and drying equipment…

Mold Remediation

cutting out moldy
Mold from a moisture source can rapidly multiply into colonies that spread and produce a serious problem. Mold testing by a qualified 3rd party company assures an ethical and unbiased need for services. Mold remediation is performed by iMold experts to safely reduce the growth and spread of mold.


bath remodeling
As a contractor licensed in Florida for over a decade, iMold has vast experiences with all types of water damage and mold restoration remodeling to assure a quality result. Every job we do from repairs to kitchens, baths and more, is performed with a personal touch and an unconditional guarantee.

Need Discretion for Mold Removal or Water Damage Repairs?

iMold gives you options for unmarked vehicles on your property to save you embarrassment and make it easier to rent or sell your home.

And we respond within 30 minutes 24/7 rain or shine to your home or business in SW Florida.
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